Finally, Summer is here

Today, I met up with an old friend. A very old friend with whom I attended highschool with. Not much had changed in 8 years. Apparently I looked the same, I thought he looked the same, and we both quickly realized not much about ourselves had change. Those foundational years during our youth shaped us to be who we are today. But, then we got to talking and we started talking about memories we had together. They weren’t many.

Then he reminded me of the last time we saw each other – in our first year of university when he came up from Queen’s University in Kingston to visit me at McGill University in Montreal. We met up one night at a bar. Drank. Then we continued drinking in my residence. After that he slept over, snored so loudly that it infuriated me because I wanted to sleep. Then, the next day I wrote him instructions on a paper napkin for how to get back to his hostel. I offered him an umbrella because I thought it might rain but he refused it. After a bit into his walk, it started to rain and as it started to rain he looked own into his napkin and the instructions had washed away. At this point he was too far from where he had started at the residence to even navigate his way back there and to ask me for directions. He looked into his bag for his phone. It was dead. Great, he thought. After one hour and a half of searching for this hostel he finally finds it. He finds it just as his friends are about to check out from the place.

This memory of us drinking, him staying over, and this story that he apparently recollected to me later on clearly did not stick in my memory at all. I do not remember him coming to visit me in Montreal. What is wrong with my brain? It’s so strange. I can ace a test but I can’t remember a friend visiting. I think alcohol ruined my memory growing up. Regardless, today we had a great day checking out one of Luminato Festival’s stands where they sell some delicious treats and cocktails with some background music, accompanied by cardboard suntanning chairs. We then went and met up with some of Nick’s friends on Toronto Island and then continued exploring the island. The sun was beaming at 26C, there were fields that looked like meadows from a children’s storybook you could read. The flora had completely blossomed, and the lake freshened the air on the beach so there was a slight breeze when you walked next to it. There were lots of birds out, one was completely black with a strip of red on the wings. A lot of people had their boats out; everything from stand up paddle to skidoos to sailboats. Everything was pristine. As we walked through Hanlan’s Point on the island, we came across a dance party in one of these meadows. For a while we could hear this “duc” “duc” – speakers blasting out repetitive rhythmic beats. And, then we finally found out the source. Trance music from the 1990s! Old school trance beats and people dancing to this one man dropping the beats in a tent. There were no signs put up indicating where this music troupe came from but that’s cool, I dig it. Nick and I steadfastily searched the internet for what this was and discovered that the event was “Entranced Island” and they held it every year. It is free or by donation. Awesome.

no cars, lots of frisbee golf, and beaches (plus a nude beach)

no cars, lots of frisbee golf, and beaches (plus a nude beach)

cardboard chairs and umbrellas at Luminato Festival!



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